Where psychology meets coaching

It’s a safe space. Where you can explore your reasoning and emotions and how they influence your everyday life. Where you gather new perspectives on why the coffee didn’t seem to taste the same today or why you’re still sad about that someone who ghosted you three years ago. Where we meet and talk about that next step you consider taking, about that need of clearing your head, about those feelings that cannot seem to find their way out just yet.

It’s an objective space. Where you can learn to be an observer of your own life and form a fresh view on its ongoing manifestation. Where you can replace judgement with analysis. Where that gratuitous critique from your boss will gain another meaning in the bigger picture.

It’s a private space. Where you come to meet yourself and have a chat. Where you’re allowed to talk about that odd dream you’ve been having lately and to feel like you don’t belong. Where you discover and learn to follow your own personal rhythm.

How I work

My approach is humanistic, with a focus on embracing maturity and the responsibilities that come with it. I’m no stranger to pain and trauma and I bring my own experience into the mix, delivering new perspectives and nurturing each person into finding their unique rhythm. If I had to describe what I do in my practice in a few words, I would probably say that I’m enabling the discovery of new layers and points of view in a gently mature way and within a secure environment.

Main points of focus:

  • Personal development
  • Communication issues
  • Stress related issues
  • Existential questions
  • Balance between the inner world and the outside world
  • Roles in society
  • Confusion surrounding identity
  • Confidence issues

Insights and perspectives

Overthinking: what are we thinking over?

There are as many versions of truth as there are people in the world. While we can agree on some universal truths, the way we incorporate them into our inner selves reflects our unique ‘mental prints’.

The road to self care is seemingly paved with selfish acts

As humans, we learn to manage a lot of confusion regarding what is right and what is wrong, what should be and what shouldn’t be, what we gain and what we lose whenever we choose one thing above another. As much as we try to control it, this confusion is natural.

How listening to your expectations may lead to hearing your needs

Today’s world is more open and accessible to us than it ever was. As we look inside and around us it’s not hard to discover that - despite this amazing gift our generation can fully enjoy and explore - it’s equally a blessing and a curse.


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